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Use this calculator to help create a plan for saving for college.

This planner takes into account the current age of your child and when he/she plans to start college, your savings goals, the estimated future cost of college and other important factors. Explore different scenarios and find a plan that works for you. If you have more than one child, simply hit reset, clear the data, and start a new plan.

1 Tell Us About Your Child

What is your child's first name?
What is your child's current age? *
What age do you expect your child to start college? *
How many years do you expect your child to attend college? *

2 Tell Us About The College Your Child May Go To

Select the type of school your child may go to:
Do you want to include the cost of room and board or
tuition and fees only?
Current annual college costs * ...
Estimated annual inflation rate for education costs * ...

3 Tell Us About Your Savings

Do you plan to save monthly or yearly?
How much do you plan to save each month? *
How much do you currently have saved? *
Hypothetical average annual rate of return * ...
What percentage of your child's education do you plan to fund? *

4 Tell Us About Your State and Federal Tax Rates

What is your state of residence?
What is your filing status?
What is your State Tax Rate? *
What is your Federal Tax Rate? *
What state sponsors the plan you are choosing to invest in? *...

  • $0

    Based on your selected school and education cost inflation rate.

  • $0

    Based on your goal to fund [%] of the total cost.

  • $0

    Great Job! You'll reach 100% of your goal at your current rate of saving.

  • $0

    Remember every bit counts. It's more important to save what you can, even if it's less than planned.

  • $0

    Based on your current rate of saving and your funding goal.

  • $0

    Earnings, if any, from your 529 account grow free from federal and state taxes.

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