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Discover everything you need to know about saving for college, what the MI 529 Advisor Plan can do to help, with a comprehensive list of resources, crafted with you in mind.

Welcome to the 529 Literature Center

Use the following comprehensive resources including flyers, brochures, presentations to lead you (or your clients) on your college savings journey.


Client Enrollment Kit (Order Only)

This kit contains an application, rollover form and Plan Description to open up a MI 529 Advisor Plan.

Main Application (Download Only)

Download and complete each section of the New Account Application along with Plan Description, paying special attention to all the required sections.

Top 10 Reasons Flyer

This flyer highlights ten reasons why many have selected the MI 529 Advisor Plan to help invest for their loved ones' future education and/or college expenses.

Enrollment Brochure (Download Only)

This brochure addresses the value of a college education, projected college costs, ways to pay for college and the benefits of the MI 529 Advisor Plan.

Gifting and Estate Planning Flyer

This business builder flyer highlights the two types of gifting options available under a 529 wrapper -- annual and accelerated gifting.

Ugift® Flyer

A toy might thrill your clients beneficiary, but a college education will inspire them. This flyer illustrates how easy it is to ask for electronic gifts. And the best part is these contributions desposit directly into the beneficiaries 529 plan -- all without paper and a stamp!

Seminar Invitation

Use this invite to share with clients when you plan on presenting the MI 529 Advisor Plan seminar presentation.

Seminar Presentation: Higher Education U (You)

This client-use presentation provides a college savings plan overview, a guide on financial aid and provides information on the MI 529 Advisor Plan.

Prospecting Postcard (General)

Mail this client-use postcard to generate awareness of the MI 529 Advisor Plan. Be sure to encourage clients to call you for more information. As always, be sure to add your business card to the back of the postcard.

Corporate 529 Employee Enrollment Brochure

Brochure that provides a high-level overview of the MI 529 Advisor Plan for prospective employees.

Corporate 529 Employer Flyer

Use this flyer to highlight the benefits of the MI 529 Advisor Plan as an employer benefit.

Whitepaper: Developing a College Funding Strategy

In this whitepaper, we explore the topic of how funding college tuition and related expenses for children is a common source of concern for parents and grandparents.

Plan Description

Provides details about the MI 529 Advisor Plan, including investment options, fees, expenses and investing risks.

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